• Take-out Packaging– Hinged containers, 2-piece combos, Dessert cups & lids
  • Schools-Lunch box options, side-dish serving trays, bowls, etc.
  • Meals Systems-trays for a multitude of feeding line systems

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We clearly have you covered.

DFI is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of rigid plastic packaging with manufacturing facilities located to meet your supply chain demands.

We have become a leader in the Polystyrene Packaging industry earning a solid reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing. Our commitment to our customers and our products has allowed us to become an innovative manufacturer, supplying the world market.

Founded in 1962, DFI embarked on a path to set itself apart from other OPS manufacturers. Since opening our doors, we have invested heavily to become a low-cost producer in the packaging industry. In order to make that a reality, we became vertically integrated by producing our own raw materials, designing and building our production tools, thermoforming presses and automatic counting systems, all to be the best supplier in the OPS industry.