Foam tray inserts?

Did you know that DFI has an extensive line of vented inserts for 2P and 3P foam meat trays? If you are a food processor or a supermarket meat department, we may have a unique cell configuration to create the product to separate you from the competition.

Dome lids for foil pans?

DFI has one of the most extensive lines of dome lids to fit nearly every foil container in the marketplace. While DFI stocks the most popular dome sizes on our warehouse floor, we can also custom run domes from our tool inventory on a custom run basis. Please contact your DFI representative today for details.

Portion Control Trays

Have you seen the extensive line of portion control trays offered by Detroit Forming? The portion control trays are a line of .0075-mil biaxially oriented polystyrene, modified for freezer applications. The trays are all manufactured with a uniform dimension of 9.25″ x 16″ with dozens and dozens of different cell configurations. If you need square cells for poultry processing, oval cells for beef tenderloins, or rectangular cells for packing pastries, DFI has the tray to meet your needs. Many trays are also asymmetrical and allow them to be stacked upon each other.